Our hotel is located in a family heritage historical building, which was recently reconstructed and embodies different types of cultural  and historical notes.

Our rooms are carefully designed with colors and characteristic textures of Bodrum. Each of 11 rooms have different names as well as authentic design to provie our guests a distinctive Bodrum experience.

In our family heritage building, ruins that belong to late Byzantium period are exhibited as well as family heritage antiquities.

Our hotel building also has a deep rooted history like Bodrum. Hospitality of the local families in bodrum plays an important role in the development of tourism sector in Bodrum. Our aim is to provide you a pleasant hospitality experience with our family acquisitions.

The history of our hotel building has been told as follows,

Our grand father Ömer marries with Emine who was a doughter of a wealthy family and starts living with her in his crowded family house. Couple then decides to move out, and build their own houses on a land that was given to Emine by his father. They build a very big and fancy house and start living there. Unfortunately during the First World War  in 26 May 1915, the house was ruined by a French gun cruser Dupleix. Even though Ömer and Emine Survived, the house was destroyed. Our hotel building carries lot more details about this family story.

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